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Biocontract | Biocontract.com


In everyday work, we use both the extensive scientific knowledge gained over the years, as well as the latest and most advanced technologies.

The combination of these two elements allows us to achieve the best results, reduce costs and shorten cycle times research.


Research and services

The scope of

Currently, BioContract manufactures one medicinal product: genetically modified melanoma vaccine AGI-101H. The vaccine is an investigational (designated for clinical trials) medicinal product manufactured in aseptic conditions.


  • Invention of novel technologies including: biopharmaceuticals, tumor biomarkers, research and diagnostic methods

Development and implementation

  • Innovative research for drug development
  • Improving and developing of new diagnostic and research methods
  • Improving and developing of new manufacturing technologies (such as medicinal products for somatic cell therapy, nanomedicine products)
  • Manufacturing of cell banks: MCB (Master Cell Bank) and WCB (Working Cell Bank) according to GMP requirements
  • Characterization and testing of MCB, the WCB and End of Production (EOP)
  • Storage of cell lines and medicinal products (collateral material for preclinical and clinical)

Preparation of documentation required to obtain a manufacturing authorization and the GMP certificate

Quality control tests

  • In-process tests
  • EOP tests
  • Research production environment tests
  • Stability tests

Teaching and consulting

  • Theoretical and practical teaching of medical biotechnology (seminars, workshops, courses)
  • Training for external entities (including the requirements of GMP, GLP, GCP and pharmaceutical law)

Additional services

  • Irradiation of biological materials using large-chamber Gammacell 3000 Elan
  • Freezing of biological materials using the ICE CUBE system

Laboratory devices