Own research

The program is implemented as part of research supported by Poznan University of Medical Sciences and the Greater Poland Cancer Center in Poznań.


Information about the project

Project title: Development of biodegradable silk bionanocomposite technology for targeted therapy and cancer diagnostics.

Project cordinator Hanna Dams-Kozłowska, PhD

Duration of the project: from 01.09.2010 - ongoing


Project description

The project has the character of biotechnological research and concerns the development of an innovative combination of targeted therapy and cancer diagnostics (molecular imaging), ie delivery (simultaneously) directly to tumor cells and blood vessels and lymphatic cells of the tumor, therapeutic preparation / diagnostic marker. The technology will apply to all types of cancer, however breast cancer is used as a model.


Bionanocomposite (SCB) technology is based on spider silk bionanochimeras, consisting of:

  • peptide A – that specifically recognizes the cells
  • peptide B - that specifically binds a therapeutic or diagnostic marker
  • a silk bionanopolymer - that combines and stabilizes both peptides and forms the final form of the drug carrier

A silk bionanochimera is a recombinant protein produced by bacteria on a single-stranded DNA template. The final product is a silk bionanocomposite composed of a recombinant bionanochimera formed in the microspheres or microcapsules that carries a drug or a diagnostic marker.