Information about the project

Project title: Personalization of melanoma therapeutic vaccination - PerMel

Project cordinator prof. Andrzej Mackiewicz MD, PhD

Duration of the project: 09.07.2013 – 08.07.2018

Project description

Project complies to the area "Medicinal products and diagnostics with particular emphasis on applications in oncology". The concept is to conduct advanced R&D works to personalize the active immunotherapy for advanced melanoma patients with therapeutic genetically modified allogeneic melanoma vaccine (AGI-101H) (innovation in malignant melanoma therapy on a global scale).

The envisaged for the project is to conduct industrial research and advanced development (phase A), aimed at identifying predictive biomarkers for selection of patients, which will respond to the therapy, prognostic biomarkers for monitoring patients during treatment and pharmacodynamic biomarkers as indicators of the mechanism of response to treatment, which may also prove to become prognostic.

Innovative personalization will allow for selection of patients that will benefit from the treatment.


Projekt realizowany jest przez konsorcjum naukowe, w składzie Uniwersytet Medyczny im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu (lider) oraz BioContract.


  • Total project budget: 12 598 419,12 PLN (€ 3 040 525,91)
  • NCRD funding: 9 653 680,43 PLN (€ 2 329 837,20)